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The Brecon Jazz Magazine is a British music journalism based on the annual Brecon Jazz Festival, a music festival held in Brecon, Wales. The festival hosts various jazz musicians and jazz performances from all over the globe. The festival was first launched in the year 1983, making the 2019th Brecon Jazz Festival its 36th-year event. Usually held during the month of August, the festival plays host to several well-known jazz musicians every year. The festival is known to ensure an unbroken profile since its founding. Brecon Jazz Festival also broadens the awareness of...

Accommodations at Brecon

If you want to experience and immerse in the beautiful town of Brecon, it would be highly suggested to stay in accommodation there. Here are five of the most well-reviewed accommodations in the Brecon area. The Coach House ...

About Brecon Jazz

History of Brecon Jazz

The Brecon Jazz Festival is a marked event in every jazz enthusiast’s calendar. Approximately three decades since its establishment, the festival has been a stop for internationally-famous jazz musicians.
It all started when a member of the Brycheiniog Association was inspired by Holland’s Breda Festival, a premier jazz festival in Europe. The association was also planning to have an Arts Festival in the small market town of Brecon. Over time, the festival was organized, and that’s the birth of the Brecon Jazz Festival.
Since then, Welsh Jazz Society was …


Marijuana and Music Go Well Together

5 Reasons Why Marijuana and Music Go Well Together

There is an undeniable connection between music and marijuana. It is no secret in the music industry that many online products has been used to spark creativity. Famous people in the music industry have been working hand in hand with cannabis. Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Post Malone, and other musical geniuses created exquisite music under its influence.
However, the impact of marijuana on music doesn’t end there, as several studies have been made to shed light on why joint and music go well together…

Famous Musicians

A Walkthrough of Captivating Self Portraits of Famous Musicians

A person’s self-portrait pained by custom paint by numbers canvas reflects their views on themselves and can take various artistic forms not limited to one. By sharing these portraits to the public, the artists are giving their audiences the permission to see them through their own eyes which makes quite the connection between the two.
People are fond of observing others, but few have made great efforts to understand themselves. This is the challenge in Painting …

Jazz Musical Instruments

7 of the Most Popular Jazz Musical Instruments

Whether you are a music lover or a jock always working behind a DJ controller and speakers, you will learn to appreciate not only the sounds but also where they are coming from. Jazz had its roots in ragtime and blues and has been around since the late 19th century. This kind of music is characterized by improvisation, polyrhythms, call and response vocals, blue notes, and swing.
The Musical Instruments
Jazz music is distinct due to the musical instruments used in the genre that made it what it is. …


Events from Past Brecon Jazz Festival Dates

The annual Brecon Jazz holds exciting events every year, making each festival date a very special occurrence. Here are a few snippets from previous festival events that may excite future attendees of the 2019 Brecon Jazz Festival.
The acclaimed Swing Style Quartet, a group that played on the South Wales music scene, performed on December 11, 2018 on The Muse location. The Line Up included guitarist Mike Frost, violinist Heulwen Thomas, pianist Gareth Hall, and double bassist Donnie Joe Sweeney.
During the main 2018 festival event, Harmonica Jazz: Toots Thielemans and…


Turquazz: Anatolian Jazz and Roots Festival in London

A new, inaugural arts and music festival called the Turquazz: Anatolian Jazz and Roots Festival will be held in London in March. It will give focus to Anatolian Jazz, a type of jazz which originated from Turkey. It will occur on the 13th of March 2019 until the 30th. The Turquazz festival will be held at different venues across the city.
An exciting series of activities will be filling the festival’s programme. These include jazz gigs, jazz documentaries, and film screening, discussion on the concept of Anatolian jazz, a pop-up dining experience, a Turkish tango event, …


Snarky Puppy will Perform on a Royal Albert Hall Date for UK Autumn Tour

Snarky Puppy, a Brooklyn-based fusion-influenced jam band and three-time Grammy-winning powerhouse, announced dates for their UK tour. According to the home and garden experts, the band is well-known for mixing jazz, rock, and funk into their music. Since their debut in 2004, they have received 10 awards and accolades with three of those coming from Grammy’s. They will be performing their new recliner album, Immigrance, which was released on March 15 by Ground Up Label. The group will be having their debut at the iconic and prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London on November 14 …


Branford Marsalis Quartet Performs at London’s Barbican Hall

A short opening performance from pianist Nikki Yeoh started the concert. Paired with UK pianist Julian Joseph during their encore, this concert was what John Cumming stated as possibly the leading acoustic jazz quartet in the world. Having Branford Marsalis play his own ‘Life Filtering from the Water Flowers’, his ravishing rendition of Jimmy McHugh’s ‘Sunny Side of the Street’ and many more, and the Cummings’ claim was an absolute fact. Not only that, but pianist Joey Calderazzo also performed his new ballad ‘Cianna’.
Branford Marsalis constantly creates …

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