Branford Marsalis Quartet Performs at London’s Barbican Hall

A short opening performance from pianist Nikki Yeoh started the concert. Paired with UK pianist Julian Joseph during their encore, this concert was what John Cumming stated as possibly the leading acoustic jazz quartet in the world. Having Branford Marsalis play his own ‘Life Filtering from the Water Flowers’, his ravishing rendition of Jimmy McHugh’s ‘Sunny Side of the Street’ and many more, and the Cummings’ claim was an absolute fact. Not only that, but pianist Joey Calderazzo also performed his new ballad ‘Cianna’.

Branford Marsalis constantly creates melodic ballad improvisations on original works, may it be a tenor or soprano. He can also showcase a technical mastery of every note on every sheet music. The quartet saved the most impressive performance for last. The performance of ‘The Wind-up’ by Keith Jarrett had the audience on the edge of their seats as the melodic and joyous music filled the venue.

Joey Calderazzo then took a breather and allowed left bassist Eric Revis and drummer Justin Faulkner to keep making the audience at a constant feeling of awe and excitement.

To say that the audience experienced one of the best quartet performances is an understatement. It also seemed like the audience enjoyed the performance immensely, but it seemed like the band enjoyed it even more. With their notable shared grins, comments, and glances all throughout the concert, they know they truly have outdone themselves. Ranging tones, dropping of notes from great highs, and neat performances made this concert one of the best.

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