Turquazz: Anatolian Jazz and Roots Festival in London

A new, inaugural arts and music festival called the Turquazz: Anatolian Jazz and Roots Festival will be held in London in March. It will give focus to Anatolian Jazz, a type of jazz which originated from Turkey. It will occur on the 13th of March 2019 until the 30th. The Turquazz festival will be held at different venues across the city.

An exciting series of activities will be filling the festival’s programme. These include jazz gigs, jazz documentaries, and film screening, discussion on the concept of Anatolian jazz, a pop-up dining experience, a Turkish tango event, and a jazz-funk event with a DJ.

Famous guitarist Erkan Oğur, along with his group, will be appearing at the festival. Oğur is famous for his own version of fretless acoustic guitar as he brings a nice effect onto the blues, Traditional Turkish music, and jazz. Their presence is considered to be the main highlight of the festival. They will perform at Rich Mix, Shoreditch on the 18th of March.

Bassist Kağan Yıldız and pianist Can Çankaya, an acclaimed duo project called Timeless, will also be performing on March 20 at the Phoenix Arts Club in Soho. They will be showcasing their jazz standards and compositions.

At the 606 Club, Chelsea, the group Funk Book a La Turk, led by saxophonist Şallıel Brothers and guitarist Önder Focan, will be performing key jazz gigs on March 27. They will perform using their music from their album.

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