Best Music-Related Anime You’d Love

The popularity of anime is so obvious that it is being watched by people of all ages. From young children to teenagers and adults, all have one way or another to watch an anime film once or even more. Others have become so addicted that they have watched all the anime series that is available on Movies123 or even on online.

Anime is relatable and offers pure entertainment to everyone. It also boasts powerful storylines and features amazing soundtracks. For those music lovers who happen to love watching movies & anime online, there are also music-related anime that is available for you to watch and enjoy. See the list below.

Your Lie In April

This anime is about the life of a prodigal pianist named Kousie who was reminded of the power of music upon meeting a mysterious violinist Kaori. The meeting also teaches Kousie how to enjoy the music she loves freely and openly. This anime contains the best soundtracks and other famous classical pieces from Kreisler, Mozart, Bach, and Chopin. If you are looking for an anime that combines romance and the most beautiful instrumental pieces, then this should be on your watch list.


Nana’s story revolves around the meeting of two girls who have completely different personalities but shares the same name. This anime is also famous with its fascinating and awesome soundtrack that features punk and rock type of music. Nana also features two popular Japanese singers who share the voice of the two main characters. They were also heavily involved in the release of the official soundtrack of the animated movie.

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

This anime is about a fictional Mongolian rock band called Beck. The story follows around the different lives of the main characters as they try to reach their ambitions while dealing with their everyday struggles and rising popularity. The anime features all original soundtracks which are also performed and sung by the voice talents in the anime. If you like a coming-of-age story that combines rock-n-roll music, then this anime should also be on top of your watch list.

Kids On The Slope

The Kids on the Slope is about the story of an introvert classic pianist Kauro Nishimi and the beautiful world of jazz music. The main character Nishimi was introduced to the jazz genre by the school’s most irresponsible student Sentarou Kawabuchi as they try to build and create their own musical pieces while developing a strong bond and friendship during the journey.

Tari Tari

This anime is about the life of high school student Konatsu Miyamoto who decides to form his own club that will join the school’s special recital that is being held annually. The student later realized that it is not easy to find members for her club in time for the said event.

The list above is just some of the music-related anime that you can watch now. All the animated movies listed will definitely provide entertainment and satisfy your craving for anime and good music.

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