How to Start Your Music Blog

Music serves so many purposes in different people’s lives. If you need to pump up a party, you turn the music up. If you need to have a relaxing night, you put on that music. If you need to be inspired, you listen to music. If you need to express love, you turn to music online. If you need to let the sadness out, you find comfort in music. Even if you only need to kill time and the silence is just deafening, you use music on the web.

So many artists give you that. The problem, sometimes, is that we can only be made aware of those artists and songs in the mainstream media, unless, of course, you take it upon yourself to discover more than what’s being served to you. This is where music blogs come in.  Music blogs keep music lovers updated on possibly everything about music, the artist, and the songs and song genres that they like. Now, if you’re planning to become a music blogger yourself, here are some of the things that will aid you to become a successful one.

Get Ideas

Visit music blogs, especially the successful ones. You are not doing so to copy their content. However, beginners, no matter how artistic they are, still have a big room to grow. It’s never a bad thing to learn and be enthused more. The goal is to be the best music blogger you can be.

Determine What Your Blog Is About

Sure, it’s about music, hence the name. However, there are so many branches under music. There are so many artists, and the same could be said for the genres. Do you want to focus on mainstream music, or do you want to give more exposure to the underrated ones? If you want to cover as much scope as you can, you can do so. However, that can be overwhelming for a beginner. Focus on one now. You can always add more afterwards.

Get A Catchy Name

Yes, you will need a catchy name in order for music lovers to turn their attention on you and remember your blog. Think of something that isn’t forgettable, but not too complicated either.

Set Up A Site

Of course, you will need a site. Choose one that has a good web hosting because you don’t want people leaving your blog right after they came in just because, say, your website is too slow. Figure out what you’ll put in your blog and decide which web hosting would suit your blog best.

Do Your Research

It’s not just about music videos and songs anymore. People would want more information about the music being played to them. Who is the artist? How did they come to be? What’s the song about? Where can I find more? These are some of the details that music lovers would also want to know. Also, make sure that the details you put are true and genuine.


As a new blogger, you will need to advertise your blog until people themselves do it for you. Connect with other bloggers and musicians as well.

Be Consistent and Creative

Keep your blog updated, creative, and consistent to not lose the interest of the people.

Get A Team

You might not need it in the beginning, but a team would help you a lot when your blog becomes more popular than one person can handle.

You’re a music lover yourself, hence the interest in music blogging. Just follow the tips given in the article and your blog will do just fine.

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