Rocks Lights Buying Guide: Tips for Musicians Always on the Road

Musicians who keep on traveling for their gigs should invest in their safety. Traveling, after all, can be dangerous, especially at night where the road can be unclear. Road bumps, large rocks, or cracked pavements may result in an accident if we’re not careful. So, it’s best if we equip ourselves with the right accessories when traveling. For those musicians who are always on the road, installing good-quality rock lights for trucks into your vehicle is greatly beneficial.

Aside from its cool look, there are a lot of useful features that come with it. First of all, rock lights are made to give extra lighting on the road at night. This allows you to see the road below clearly. Secondly, this will not only let you see the road visibly, but this will also let other cars see you clearly. The brightness of the rock lights will let anyone far see you right away. Lastly, it’s an exciting accessory that can be installed in any type of vehicle, so it’s really convenient.

If you’re a musician who’s about to take a long ride, get some rock lights to keep you safe. If you’re not sure what to take note of when buying, here are some tips on how to get great rock lights for your car:


To ensure efficiency, you’ll need to know the different kinds of rock lights available in the market today. There are a lot of kinds ready to be purchased, so take note that you’re buying rock lights for your car. It’s easy to mistaken a boat rock light for a bike or car rock light, so don’t hesitate to ask the shop owner or representative what best fits your car.

Number of Lights

Rock lights come in varieties, and this includes their light lumens, power, and number. These play an important role when it comes to how you want the lights are produced. Rock lights may come with 3 or 4 LED chips in one pod for your car. These are installed in your car, thus covering the entire area underneath it. When buying rock lights, make sure that you’re able to see the lights at night and check out if you’re comfortable with them in terms of visibility.

Environmental Protection

Rock lights, as they’re installed outside your car, are prone to a lot of environmental factors that may be damaging for them. They’re exposed to debris, dust, mud, and water, so be sure to protect them. To do this, you can purchase rock lights that come with aluminum castings and waterproof layers. Make sure your rock lights’ LED pods are sealed properly for added protection. There are rocks lights with these features already, so you can opt to get these.

Control Connection

Rocks lights, with the help of technology, is already controllable. You can now access them quickly with the use of remote controls or apps. Regardless of what’s being used to access the rock lights, make sure that their connection is strong. Test the controllers before buying one so that you can ensure that the connectivity is properly working.

These are some basic yet helpful tips when buying rock lights for your car. As a traveling musician, you must not only invesst in your instruments but in your road safety as well. Happy driving!

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