10 Songs About the Sea

Travelling along the waves of the sea could be very peaceful and calming. No land to walk on, no traffic, no hustle and bustle. Just you, your company and the sound of the waves. And then as time passes, you find yourself bored of it. Need background music to pick up the pace? You can see reviews here on this list of 10 songs that are perfect to keep up the beat while navigating the seas.

  1. Captain Kidd by Great Big Sea (2005)

This might sound like children’s lullaby with its folk genre and repeating lyrics, but it will surely get you into Captain mode when you hear it.

  1. Under the Sea by The Little Mermaid Soundtrack (1989)

Everybody knows this song. It is a classic after all. We all know this from the movie and immediately picture out Sebastian, the Crab, pointing out to Ariel how the ocean is so much better than land.

  1. Come Sail Away by Styx (1977)

The lyrics are a metaphor to achieve your dreams. It is an unexpected song with a ballad opening and transitions into a rock heavy second half.

  1. Octopus’ Garden by The Beatles (1969)

A story was told to Ringo Starr (the writer and member of the Beatles) how octopuses use their tentacles to gather stones and objects to build sea gardens. It has a nice peaceful melody to it which is perfect while navigating your sea vessel.

  1. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding (1968)

You may not be sitting on the dock of the bay as the singer suggests, but time surely does run slowly along the sea. The song is of the soul pop genre with a whistling tune and the sound of waves at the end incorporated within the song.

  1. Banana Boat song by Harry Belafonte (1956)

Have you watched the Vogue Youtube video of the Hadids (Gigi, Bella, Anwar and mother Yolanda) doing a parody of the scene from Beetlejuice? Yep. It’s this song. It has such a unique beachy, tropical vibe to it and it all turns extra cheerier as you show off your weird dance moves to this song.

  1. How Far I’ll Go by Auli’I Cravalho (2016)

This is from Disney’s Moana. Even if you have not watched it, this song will definitely make you feel like a sea traveler.

  1. Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran (2014)

This one is one of the romantic songs out there. It talks about having your girl looking so beautiful with the silhouette of the sea shining on her. Who would not swoon over Ed Sheeran repeating the lines ‘I’m in love’ over and over?

  1. Hymn to the Sea by James Horner (1997)

This is the musical score from the movie Titanic. It may not have the lyrics, but it has all the feels. Nothing more to say.

  1. Mermaid by Train (2012)

This is a contemporary piece from Train. And the beat is great party music in the sea.

Add these list when you create your marine stereo playlist and feel free to add more. Bon Voyage!

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