What Insurance Do You Need as A Musician?

A musician’s life revolves around music, instruments, and people. They don’t care about cheapest cities for home insurance but they must have an home insurance. Performing in front of big crowds, going to gigs, unlimited rehearsals, traveling, and moving around are regular matters for you. However, wherever you are – whether you are traveling or just at home, anything can occur to hinder you from performing well, which in turn can cost you money and even your career. As such, even musicians will need insurance.

Insurance is one of the most important investments one can put his money into. However, a musician can’t just rely on home insurance alone. For a musician to live a secure life, the smartest move that he can do is to purchase specialized musician insurance.

Why is Musician Insurance a Must?

If music is what you do every day, then it is your bread and butter. And as your bread and butter, you need to protect all the things related to it. Moreover, one of the realities of life is that anything can happen to anyone, even in the comforts of their own home. A musician is no exemption. A simple incident can damage your instrument, equipment, or worst, lose your music altogether. Some of the most common incidents that musicians encounter are as follows:

  • Equipment or instrument gets stolen from the studio or during a trip or even from your home.
  • Your studio or home gets caught in a fire or is damaged due to a typhoon or cyclone
  • Your van with all your things gets stolen or gets involved in an accident

Additionally, a musician can also be caught in a lawsuit for reasons like causing harm to another person or another’s property. Here are some of the instances a musician might be involved in a potential lawsuit:

  • A fan gets injured during your show
  • Your gear is the cause of a fire causing damage to the venue of your event
  • A staff gets hurt while fixing your equipment in your home or studio

What is Included in a Musician Insurance?

A musician’s insurance is specifically made to protect a musician from risks that one may encounter while traveling or in the studio. It is designed to protect expensive equipment, instruments, and musical gears. It can also provide coverage for the costs of lawsuits that are related to activities like playing in concerts or gigs. Specialized inclusions are:

  • Musician property insurance – this coverage is made specifically to protect instruments, equipment, and gears. It includes coverage for replacement on parts or even an item when damaged by accident, fire, vandalism, and force majeure. This kind of coverage can usually be used anywhere in the world.
  • Public liability coverage –public liability insurance is needed to protect a musician, especially if he does a show as an independent contractor. This kind of protection will shield a musician from potential lawsuits from incidents like a staff or fan acquiring an injury during your show.


Investing in musician insurance is certainly a must-have for those whose life revolves around music. Getting one protects a musician from potentially bigger costs if any of his properties related to making music is damaged. As a tip, it would be best to get in touch with insurance experts to design the tailored musician insurance for you.

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