Best Live Sound Speaker Systems 2019

One of the most frequent problems live buskers and bands encounter is choosing between passive head units on Greatest speakers and active speakers. However, the real issue that needs to be addressed is not about choosing between the two, but about studying the attributes each speaker system has to offer that will ultimately affect the quality of the performance. It is best to ready both types of speakers so you can always prepare to perform in every and all stages.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing your speaker systems:

Passive Speakers

Passive speakers need independent mixers or amplifiers to make them work. These also require speaker cables so as to conduct the sound from the amplifiers into the speakers.


  • Signal distribution
  • Power
  • Works with a single speaker cable
  • Handy and easy to assemble
  • Ease of processing control


  • Needs a lot of amplifiers
  • Needs to chain speakers together (when performing in a large area)

Active Speakers

This type of speaker system has a built-in amplifier to power them. All you need is a battery source to connect them to.


  • Convenient to use
  • Does not depend on amplifiers
  • Can be chained together easily
  • Wide coverage area
  • High quality of sound


  • Power distribution
  • Heavy equipment
  • Costly

Top 5 Best Live Sound Systems for 2019

  1. Mackie FreePlay Live

This one is highly portable and is good for packing up. It has a lot of power both for operation and sound production. It is recommended by performers, buskers, and presenters. It has a built-in battery and can be controlled through iOS and Android phones.

  1. Mackie SRM 450

This speaker enables ease of use and professional sound quality. Its slim design is advantageous when traveling and when keeping a low-key stage backdrop. It is also wireless and can be controlled through iOS and androids.

  1. Roland Cube Street EX

This is your high-quality sound system set on the go! It is compact in size and has a battery-powered feature. There is less cable needed to operate this speaker. Its sound adjustment controls are easy to maneuver, and it easily adapts to the quality of sound being produced. It also has four separate channels for connecting mic cables, instruments, and other audio devices. Its produced sound has a wide area coverage and can definitely rock a whole large stadium.

  1. Bose L1 Compact system

This speaker is powered by L1 compact technology. It produces high quality sound and also works as a good car sound system. It has two channels that accepts up to three inputs which could be microphones, instruments or audio devices. It is highly portable since it is wireless, and it also has a Bluetooth feature.

  1. Peavey P2 Powered Line Array System

This speaker comes in two types: the one that’s used for performances, and the other that’s used for personal entertainment. It produces good sound quality and it has more than five channels for you to input microphone or instrument cables. The echo and frequency of sound is highly adaptive and can easily be controlled.

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