All that Jazz Movies to Watch and Avoid in Your Leisure Hours

You may be on your nth day of the quarantine period, and you’re still on edge exploring different genres of movies on streaming sites. If you have a penchant for Watching Movies/TV Online with the jazz genre, then this article by altadefinizione will list down the best movies to snuck down with you in your free hours.

The Best

‘Round Midnight

It is not the best-rated jazz movie in Rotten Tomatoes for nothing. This critically acclaimed masterpiece brought Dexter Gordon under the limelight after being nominated as Best Actor in the Oscars Awards. The 1986 drama revolved around the friendship of the main actor, a sax player, and a fan set in the 1950s. The film incorporated the joy of a musician’s life as well as his struggles and blues about addiction and anxiety. And oh, did I mention Gordon plays sax in real-life? Imagine the passion there was.

Keep on Keepin’ On

Keep on Keepin’ On is an empathetic and profound movie featuring a legendary trumpeter, Clark Terry, who found himself spending the last chapter of his life mentoring a young pianist, Justin Kauflin. The story spun around the beautiful friendship and passion shared between the two musicians. In the last act, the film touched the audience’s hearts when the Kauflin, along with the fellow musicians he inspired, came to play for Terry. This scene was the clear testament of the legacy Terry has established.

Cabin in the Sky

This vintage movie filmed in 1943 had captured not only Oscar’s nod but also the hearts of the viewers by featuring black performers in the main acts. This was the first time racial dynamics were explored upon, and gladly, efforts paid off as the roster, including Lena Horne and Louis Armstrong, delivered their utmost performance. Indeed, a promising film in the making as it inspired proceeding multiracial movies to flourish.

The Worst


This 2014 might not be appealing to some with music appreciation under their radar. The story revolves around a young drummer who is looking to reinforce his career by enrolling in a music conservatory class. The professor turned out to be stringent in their tutorials, derailing the notion of jazz from a chill stance to an intense and grotesque vibe. Some might not agree upon seeing the bloodied hands of the main actor during his passionate rehearsal to please the tutor. Likewise, critics noted the film’s lack of collaboration among musicians to give justice to the jazz theme.


You cannot go anywhere from the title of this film. Unfortunately, the name did not live to itself. This 10- episode miniseries in 2001 tackled the evolution of jazz in the United States from its emergence in the 20th century to the present times. Some critics say that the jazz history was a giant shrimp to cut, which led to many factual errors in the cultural aspect and exaggerations in essence throughout the episodes. Others revealed that it failed to feature today’s best jazz and engage the audience with jazz.

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