The Best Home Recording Studio Chairs

Whether you make music as a profession or for fun, you probably spend much time in your home recording studio. Therefore, you must need chairs that helps with back pain. Your house doesn’t have any studio or office chairs, now is the perfect time to search for one. Continue reading to know the best home recording studio chairs and find out the one that best suits your needs.

High-End Studio Chairs

You likely spend your time sitting behind your desk when you’re in your home recording studio. Therefore, it makes sense that you see your chair as a good investment. In my opinion, chairs from Herman Miller Aeron has been the freshest and most advanced chair for the past 20 years.

They gained popularity because of the online start-up businesses. Although some of those companies are out of business, the Aeron established its reputation as a holy grail for offices and studios. Aside from looking sleek, it provides a lot of comforts.

There are various ways to position it, so you can easily align your studio monitors to your head level. This is your best option if you are willing to shell out money for a premium chair.

Affordable Studio Chairs

If your budget is quite limited for a high-end office chair, you can opt to get budget-friendly studio chairs. You don’t need to spend a thousand dollars on a decent chair. Many affordable but good chairs that are priced from $100 to S200 are available in the market. This is an excellent price range for a quality chair. Because there are many choices for this kind of chair, it will be better to research and read reviews.

Bar Seats

A good studio chair is not only comfortable but also functional. It is hard to imagine how you can play the guitar or any instrument on a swivel chair. This is a problem since the armrest blocks the movement of your hands. Even if you purchase the ones that have removable padding and hinges, a swivel chair can still make much noise.

If your concern is more on the functionality of your chair, bar stools are your best bet because these don’t have any movable parts.

Musician Chairs from The Pick n Glider

This is the most one-of-a-kind chair made in this list. Why? It is because this is the only chair in the market solely made for playing the guitar. It doesn’t have armrests. Also, it has a substantial and slow rocking structure and steady support for your back.

This has become a favorite among musicians. Nevertheless, I don’t recommend this for recording since the rocking mechanism may affect the positioning of your mic. If you want to practice, write songs, or relax, buying this will be a good decision.

Large Bean Bags

You may seem surprised, but yes, you can have a bean bag in your studio. Although these bags are not commonly found in studios, it provides relaxation when you chill out by singing songs.

Final Word

There are plenty of good options for home recording studio chairs. However, choosing the best one all boils down a person’s preference so pick one that will make you comfortable while working.

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