5 Reasons Why Marijuana and Music Go Well Together

There is an undeniable connection between music and marijuana. It is no secret in the music industry that many online products has been used to spark creativity. Famous people in the music industry have been working hand in hand with cannabis. Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Post Malone, and other musical geniuses created exquisite music under its influence.

However, the impact of marijuana on music doesn’t end there, as several studies have been made to shed light on why joint and music go well together.

Read on to find why listening to music while stoned significantly affects one’s perception and appreciation of the melody, rhythm, lyrics, and musical nuances.

Marijuana Enhances Auditory Stimulation

Marijuana makes your brain and your body react differently when you are sober. It spurs your listening ability to understand the music’s complicated tones, notes, and overall melody. You are more capable of hearing the small and intricate musical details that you could not detect have you been clear-headed.

Marijuana Triggers Emotional Connection

Smoking pot evokes intense feelings of emotional connection and empathy. As music is considered a universal language, cannabis and sound tripping work magically together by bringing about feelings of bonding and human connection. Ancient cultures around the world used both music and marijuana as a conduit for spiritual and human connection.

Marijuana Amplifies Sound Perception

Scientific research found that people who smoke marijuana tend to perceive music differently. Theories abound on the influence of weed on one’s perception of music, and this has been backed by several studies. Because of their heightened sensitivity to sound and musical patterns, people who are high on weed understand and experience music on a deeper level.

Marijuana Compels Us to Listen to Details

Those under the influence of cannabis are in a more mindful, present, and relaxed state. Listening to music while smoking a joint makes one appreciate the beauty of now and has no qualms about the future. It makes them more aware and reactive to the song’s subtle details and takes their listening experience to a whole new perspective.

Marijuana Lights Up Our Pleasure Center

Hippocampus, the brain’s pleasure center, is greatly influenced by marijuana. Hippocampus is where our short-term memory resides. Smoking weed is found to inhibit short-term neural activities, making one intent on the present and not think about anything in the future. Gently forcing one to focus on the now and here, smoking marijuana while listening to music – upbeat or melancholic – hypes up the whole listening experience.

Marijuana in Canada and other places like the United States, Mexico, and some parts of Latin America and Europe are now legal for recreational and medical use. If you are in a country where marijuana is legal, why not make sound tripping more fun and meaningful by listening to music while smoking weed.

In general, smoking marijuana and listening to music are both happy experiences. Each experience directly complements the other making it a beautiful confluence in provoking feelings of positivity, happiness, and euphoria.

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