The Brecon Jazz Magazine

The Brecon Jazz Magazine is a British music journalism based on the annual Brecon Jazz Festival, a music festival held in Brecon, Wales. The festival hosts various jazz musicians and jazz performances from all over the globe.

The festival was first launched in the year 1983, making the 2019th Brecon Jazz Festival its 36th-year event. Usually held during the month of August, the festival plays host to several well-known jazz musicians every year.

The festival is known to ensure an unbroken profile since its founding. Brecon Jazz Festival also broadens the awareness of jazz by organizing free alternative music to pubs, hotels, galleries, and cafes around Brecon. Through this, the Brecon Jazz UK Magazine covers the events of the festival, possibly garnering more attendees and jazz music enthusiasts.

The magazine and the festival’s mission is to transcend the multicultural worthiness of jazz music through performance and journalism.


Opportunities for jazz artists, producers, organizers and the like arise as the Brecon Jazz Organization expands and promotes the jazz language in recent years. They hold on to the belief that jazz music should be brought onto newer generations and should be reinvented along with enormous access to sounds. The organization serves as a channel for cultural understanding among the Europeans as well as other people from different continents.

Attendees can take part in different workshops which are suited for all ages and levels. These workshops include percussion, guitar, voice lessons, and general music for all. Also, film screenings, exhibitions, discussions, and lectures revolving around the concept of jazz music is always held at the festival.

Lastly, the Brecon Jazz Organisation’s sole aim is to enable the expansion of jazz music to the widest possible public while delivering a momentous and quality experience to both staff and attendees.

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