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Marijuana and Music Go Well Together

5 Reasons Why Marijuana and Music Go Well Together

There is an undeniable connection between music and marijuana. It is no secret in the music industry that many online products has been used to spark creativity. Famous people in the music industry have been working hand in hand with cannabis. Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Post Malone, and other musical geniuses created exquisite music under its influence.
However, the impact of marijuana on music doesn’t end there, as several studies have been made to shed light on why joint and music go well together…

Famous Musicians

A Walkthrough of Captivating Self Portraits of Famous Musicians

A person’s self-portrait pained by custom paint by numbers canvas reflects their views on themselves and can take various artistic forms not limited to one. By sharing these portraits to the public, the artists are giving their audiences the permission to see them through their own eyes which makes quite the connection between the two.
People are fond of observing others, but few have made great efforts to understand themselves. This is the challenge in Painting …

Jazz Musical Instruments

7 of the Most Popular Jazz Musical Instruments

Whether you are a music lover or a jock always working behind a DJ controller and speakers, you will learn to appreciate not only the sounds but also where they are coming from. Jazz had its roots in ragtime and blues and has been around since the late 19th century. This kind of music is characterized by improvisation, polyrhythms, call and response vocals, blue notes, and swing.
The Musical Instruments
Jazz music is distinct due to the musical instruments used in the genre that made it what it is. …

Learn Jazz Violin

Basic Things You Must Know to Learn Jazz Violin

Regardless of what reasons you have in mind why you want to learn violin, it never is too late to pursue Best violin for beginners. More and more adults are enrolling themselves in varied Jazz Violin lessons and they don’t regret it, one bit. This might be the push you need to start that growing violin music interest in you.
Learning to play the violin is not that simple especially if you are trying to do it online. You will need all the support you can get. But, you don’t have to worry because we got …

Home Recording Studio Chairs

The Best Home Recording Studio Chairs

Whether you make music as a profession or for fun, you probably spend much time in your home recording studio. Therefore, you must need chairs that helps with back pain. Your house doesn’t have any studio or office chairs, now is the perfect time to search for one. Continue reading to know the best home recording studio chairs and find out the one that best suits your needs.
High-End Studio Chairs
You likely spend your time sitting behind your desk when you’re …

Jazz Movies

All that Jazz Movies to Watch and Avoid in Your Leisure Hours

You may be on your nth day of the quarantine period, and you’re still on edge exploring different genres of movies on streaming sites. If you have a penchant for Watching Movies/TV Online with the jazz genre, then this article by altadefinizione will list down the best movies to snuck down with you in your free hours.
The Best
‘Round Midnight
It is not the best-rated jazz movie in Rotten Tomatoes for nothing. This critically acclaimed masterpiece brought Dexter Gordon under …

Non-Listeners to Like Jazz

How to Get Non-Listeners to Like Jazz

This year you need to try some new music like Jazz. Jazz music was once referred to as America’s classical music. As mentioned by retroworldnews, it originated from Orleans Louisiana back in the 1900s. The population of this city was made up of people from different backgrounds and cultures.
Jazz originated from a blend of all the music styles from people in this city. The music styles included brass, marches, blues, and ragtime. For about a century now, jazz music has greatly evolved. The change has been pioneered by some …

Mix Jazz Music for Beginners

A Guide on How to Mix Jazz Music for Beginners

With different taste in terms of music, people nowadays prefer listening to pop (techno-pop, in particular), rock, hip-hop, and metal over jazz. As said by jazz is no longer a trend in the music industry, finding sources or audio products that focus on jazz music mixing is a difficult task to achieve.
Albeit jazz isn’t as famous as it once was, this genre still generates beautiful sound that entices people to listen throughout the entire duration. In order to produce this type of music, one must have advanced …

Live Sound Speaker Systems

Best Live Sound Speaker Systems 2019

One of the most frequent problems live buskers and bands encounter is choosing between passive head units on Greatest speakers and active speakers. However, the real issue that needs to be addressed is not about choosing between the two, but about studying the attributes each speaker system has to offer that will ultimately affect the quality of the performance. It is best to ready both types of speakers so you can always prepare to perform in every and all stages.
Here are some factors you should …

CBD Helps Musicians

How CBD Helps Musicians and Performers

Cannabidiol, or more commonly known as CBD, is a compound from the marijuana plant that has a lot of properties that can help with people’s everyday challenges. Yes, it is true that some people question its origin, but it cannot be ignored that a lot have attested to its benefits as well; some of these people are musicians and performers. So, how exactly does CBD help people in the entertainment industry?
CBD can help maintain vocal prowess.
CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help singers when they used their voice a little too much. Strained voice is …

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