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Fancy accompanying famous jazz musicians and guiding them throughout the festival? Becoming a working intern at Brecon Jazz UK Magazine will surely make this possible. The experience will be exhilarating, educational and fun for sure.

Brecon Jazz UK Magazine will be opening up more exciting opportunities for their future interns. May it be working on other music magazines, having prestigious promotions or having an easier application to other journalism careers. Since Brecon Festival is already a premier event, being an intern for the UK Magazine will surely be a great addition to their resumes. If the applicant is a jazz enthusiast, it will be even a greater work experience for him or her.

The Brecon UK Jazz magazine will also encourage news writers, have an internship programme and many more. Cover the events held at Brecon Jazz Festival and enjoy the thrilling experience.

Enclose your CV and send it to the Brecon Jazz UK Magazine.

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